Sleeve bearing SSN612-520-1945957 PIECE 11

Manufacturer Specification

Hole Diameter
0.3750 inches first
Lubrication Material
Flange Outside Diameter
3.5000 inches
Flange Width
Between 0.2940 inches and 0.2950 inches
Lubricant Accommodation Style
Grooved straight and circular
Corner Shape
Chamfered outside left corner
Corner Shape
Round left flange body corner
Corner Shape
Square inside right corner
Corner Shape
Square inside left corner
Corner Shape
Square left flange outside right corner
Corner Shape
Square outside right corner
Surface Finish
63.0 microinches
Antirotation/lubrication Type And Quantity
1 hole
Material Specification
Mil-b-16261 military specification single material response
Style Designator
22c solid, external flange one end

Product Details

2.9940 inches minimum and 2.9950 inches maximum overall length, 2.7500 inches nominal body outside diameter, 2.2500 inches minimum and 2.2510 inches maximum body inside diameter, copper alloy 938 overall material.

last updated on 06/06/2023