Sleeve bushing NAS77A6-08

Manufacturer Specification

Flange Outside Diameter
Between 0.6150 inches and 0.6350 inches
Flange Width
Between 0.0570 inches and 0.0620 inches
Corner Shape
Chamfered inside right corner
Corner Shape
Chamfered inside left corner
Corner Shape
Square left flange outside right corner
Corner Shape
Square outside left corner
Corner Shape
Square outside right corner
Corner Shape
Undercut left flange body corner
Surface Finish
100.0 microinches intermediate layer
Material Specification
Qq-c-465 federal specification single material response
Style Designator
22c solid, external flange one end
Specification Data
80205-nas77 professional/industrial association standard

Product Details

0.1320 inches minimum and 0.1470 inches maximum overall length, 0.5006 inches minimum and 0.5013 inches maximum body outside diameter, 0.3750 inches minimum and 0.3765 inches maximum body inside diameter, copper alloy 642 overall material.

last updated on 10/22/2021