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Mounted Bearings
  • 9383280-1 bearing unit housing
    NSN 3130-01-647-0863

    F16 aircraft iii end item identification, bearing housing , steel material

  • 000993-279 bearing unit housing
    NSN 3130-01-647-1330

    971480-10 iii end item identification, housing, bearing , next higher assembly: 000993-227 , steel corrosion resisting housing material

  • 290-194-00 pillow block cap
    NSN 3130-01-647-1559

    Bearing cap , item has (3) mounting holes.

  • 4173493 bearing unit housing
    NSN 3130-01-647-9806

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  • 310218 ball bearing unit
    NSN 3130-01-648-6295

    1.000 inches bore diameter, 3.375 inches center to center distance between mounting holes along width, R20TMMASP-001 iii end item identification

Unmounted Plain Bearings
  • BACB10FB06GC02 spherical plain bearing
    NSN 3120-01-656-1657

    0.3880 inches overall length, 0.3750 inches body inside diameter, bearing, spherical, narrow ring, self lube liner, sealed , grooved ring, oversized 0.7850"

  • 73309 sleeve bearing
    NSN 3120-01-656-4066

    KC-46A tanker support equipment iii end item identification, lower bearing

  • 347094 linear-rotary motion roller
    NSN 3120-01-656-4317

    Outboard, motor, gasoline, 115HP, standard rotation 25UB0408 iii end item identification, roller, cam follower

  • 1-100801.2-M sleeve bearing
    NSN 3120-01-656-4853

    Nsn: 4320-01-535-3736 (ejector, jet) iii end item identification, sleeve, stat or bearing , steel corrosion resisting material

  • 1-100990-M sleeve bushing
    NSN 3120-01-656-4854

    Tj 381HH, steering assembly round iii end item identification, bearing, flanged, 2 x .5 , material is thermoplastic , plastic material

Unmounted Antifriction Bearings