Bearing housing liner S1635-20037-2

Manufacturer Specification

General Description
Steel ams 6265 comp 9310, black oxide 57-0-2 type 3 class a grade 1fscm 78286, id and left side of right internal flange casehardened, 0.036in. Min 0.050 in. Max depth of case, dim., 13.000 in. Min 13.001 in. Max od, 12.727 in. Min 12.732 in. Max id, 0.102 in. Min 0.130 in. Max w of rightinternal flange, 12.115 in. Min 12.135 in. Max right internal flange holedia, 0.740 in. Min 0.760 in. Max o/a lg, 100 microinches aa all surfaces, 0.032 in. By 45 degrees chamfer left inside corner, 0.070 in. Radius outsideright corner, 0.040 in. Radius inside right internal flange corner, id andod to be concentric within 0.005 in. Tir, od and right end surface of bodyand flange to be sq within 0.001 in. Tir, magnetic partical inspectedmil-i-6868
Liner,bearing Housing

last updated on 05/28/2024