Sleeve bearing OB35-1

Manufacturer Specification

Lubrication Material
Lubricating oil, mil-l-6085
Flange Outside Diameter
Between 0.2310 inches and 0.2370 inches
Flange Width
Between 0.0160 inches and 0.0180 inches
Corner Shape
Square inside right corner
Corner Shape
Square inside left corner
Corner Shape
Square left flange outside right corner
Corner Shape
Square outside left corner
Corner Shape
Square outside right corner
Corner Shape
Undercut left flange body corner
Material Specification
Mil-b-5697, type 1, comp a military specification single material response
Style Designator
22c solid, external flange one end

Product Details

0.0575 inches minimum and 0.0625 inches maximum overall length, 0.1874 inches minimum and 0.1876 inches maximum body outside diameter, 0.0937 inches minimum and 0.0939 inches maximum body inside diameter, copper alloy overall material.

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last updated on 09/24/2023