Sleeve bearing MS17795-10

Manufacturer Specification

Lubrication Material
Lubricating oil, mil-l-15016, symbol 2190
Corner Shape
Square all corners
Hardness Rating
30.0 rockwell c and 70.0 rockwell c
Material Specification
Mil-b-5697, type 1, comp a military specification single material response
Style Designator
17c solid, plain, no outside flanges
Style Designator
Solid, plain, no outside flanges

Product Details

0.1820 inches minimum and 0.1920 inches maximum overall length, 0.2510 inches minimum and 0.2520 inches maximum body outside diameter, 0.1880 inches minimum and 0.1890 inches maximum body inside diameter, copper alloy overall material.

last updated on 06/12/2024